Cash Management

Put Your Working Capital to Work with Cash Management


One of the keys to success in business is being efficient with your time and your money.  Cash Management from Texas Bank provides structured, automated tools that give you maximum flexibility to help manage your company’s funds efficiently and profitably.  Because these services are so easy to use, you can focus on growing your business!

ACH Origination

Your company can make electronic payments and collections, such as payroll, accounts payable, business-to-business transactions, and accounts receivable through the ACH system.  This service tremendously reduces the time and expense of issuing, receiving, posting and reconciling checks.

Electronic Business Banking

With our electronic banking service, you can enjoy the convenience of banking when and where you want and take full control of your business finances.  View account balances, transfer funds, request stop payments, and so much more – all with a few simple clicks.

Save Time & Money

If you’re interested in saving time, money and improving productivity, contact Stephanie Smith at 325-944-7530 for more information.