Fiduciary Service Principles

Confidence and integrity are the primary basis for fiduciary service providers. Laws regulate fiduciary conduct and may require some acts of fiduciaries be approved by a court. Texas Bank’s Fiduciary Powers, granted by the FDIC, gives Texas Bank as a corporate institution and business in the community, certain powers, qualifications an advantages which are not afforded to individuals who serve in a fiduciary capacity.

It is the Trust Department’s duty to provide the best service to our clients based on their maintaining confidentiality and prudent investment standards.

The Trust Department maintains a close personal relationship with its clients and maintains in strict confidentiality its relationship and services provided to its clients.

Texas Bank is willing and able to serve in its responsibility appointed to it by its clients and court appointments.

Texas Bank operates under the laws of the State of Texas and the regulations of the Federal Reserve System.

Unlike an individual fiduciary, Texas Bank will not die or not be able to serve due to distractions or other business concerns.

Using the Uniform Prudent Investor Act, Texas Bank manages each client’s assets with fiduciary responsibility to investments which a prudent, conservative investor would consider. Regular account investment reviews assist our clients and us in ensuring that investments are prudent and proper.

Our Trust Department maintains current information concerning the fiduciary business and services we provide. We do not engage in other businesses except fiduciary services so that we can provide you the specialization needed in your financial planning.

All client information is held in the strictest confidence at all times. We do not disclose your information to third parties. (See also our Privacy Notice)

Texas Bank will serve in a fair, friendly, and sympathetic manner to all clients concerned.

Fiduciary decisions are made with the collective knowledge and judgment of the Trust Administrators and Committee.

A bank does not have to provide a bond to serve in a fiduciary capacity, which saves the Trust client the expense of a bond.

One single, all encompassing, annual fee. The Trust Department annual fee is an all-inclusive fee. Investment, distribution, safekeeping, bookkeeping, and fiduciary services are included in the single fee.

Non-Deposit Investments offered are:     

•not FDIC Insured   •not guaranteed by the Bank    •may be subject to loss in value