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You may report a lost or stolen debit card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-866-546-8273.

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Fraud Alert:  We want you to be informed

Please consider the following questions before you withdraw funds from your account for someone or send a wire transfer to someone:

  • Has someone (perhaps claiming to be a relative) called and asked you to send money because they are in jail or in a hospital?
  • Have you been threatened or pressured by a stranger, friend, or family member for money or for access to your account?
  • Has anyone befriended you (either in person or online) and is now asking you to reinvest your money or to share cash or valuables?
  • Has someone told you that you need home repairs and is asking for an immediate cash payment?
  • Have you been informed that you have won a prize or lottery and need to pay a fee in order to claim your prize?
  • Has someone offered to buy something you have advertised and wants to pay extra and have you wire the extra amount to them?

These are just a few scenarios that are most likely scams.  Please be aware and always feel free to ask us questions if you are in doubt.  We are here to help.