Make a Loan Payment

Need to make a loan payment?  You have options!

AUTOMATIC TRANSFER:  Set it and forget it!  We can set up an automatic draft, either from an account here at Texas Bank or from an account at another bank, and you won’t have to worry about missing a due date.  Feel free to contact us for more information or to get it set up.

  If you have a checking or savings account with us, use our handy transfer feature within Internet Banking or on our Mobile App!  Simply transfer from your account to the loan, just like you would move money from checking to savings.  We are always here to help if you have questions.


IN PERSON:  If you prefer, you can always make your loan payment in person at any of our convenient lobby or drive-through locations.  We are always happy to see you!
(The payment must be received by 5:30 p.m. Central Time in order to be credited on that day.)


BY MAIL:  If you wish to mail a payment, send it to PO Box 3186, San Angelo, TX 76902.  Please make sure to include your payment coupon or loan number and send only checks or money orders.


ONLINE:  **NEW OPTION** We are also now offering convenient ONLINE PAYMENTS if you need to pay from an account at another bank.
You may enter your bank’s routing number and your account number to draft the loan payment from your account.  You may also use a debit card, but we recommend the checking or savings account option (lower fees).  Click here to make an online payment  (3rd party fees apply)
Please note that the only card type we can accept is a debit card.  We cannot accept credit cards for loan payments.